Tuesday, October 13, 2009

Hello All. I will be participating in this gallery show, and bringing four of my unique handmade creative journals to display. I am also planning to do some improv writing for guests and patrons; red hot poetry and flash fiction, random scribblings and more! Hope to see you there!
Lushly, creatively yours,
-Molly Childers

Saturday, September 5, 2009

Rita Farin Interview Online at Creativity Portal!

I recently interviewed Rita Farin, a mighty Creativity Goddess who's studied and travelled the world in pursuit of her creative dreams. The article was published online recently at Creativity Portal, a Writer's Digest Best Website. Visit the link at...

For a complete listing of my online offerings at Creativity Portal, please click here...


Thanks for tuning in. More creative marvels and wonders soon to come...

Wednesday, August 19, 2009

Controlled Chaos...

We are moving at the end of this month. Things may be a bit hectic (or maybe just completely insane) for the next couple of weeks. We found a beautiful little house in Durango- my days as a commuter will soon be in the past! I'm soon to be close enough to downtown to walk to my job, the library, by favorite bookstore, and the best coffeeshop in town...what more could I ask?
If I'm not posting much for the next couple of weeks, you will know why. Say a prayer to the goddess of chaos for me during this transition!

On the Move!


Monday, August 3, 2009

Addictive Fiction!

This morning I'm sharing some fabulous news. I have been working on a new fiction blog to help me share my juicy stories with the world. Yesterday, I created a template and put it online! I'll be working to build content in the weeks to come, and intend for this blog to be a resource for writers, as well as a forum for my fiction. What's in the works? Lists of my favorite authors, books on writing, and resources; writing contests and challenges; links to other writing sites and blogs; story starters and writing prompts, photos that tell a story; tools for your writing tool-box, and more! Check it out at...


Happy writing!!!

Sunday, August 2, 2009

A New Vision

This is a new season for me creatively. I am creating a new vision for this blog and exploding with creative juiciness! Some of my exciting new projects include...

  1. New watercolor painting: Mermaid Sighting #173
  2. The Hitch-Hiker: An Unlikely Love Story. This is my new novel, which originally began life as a short story. I finished it at the beginning of the summer and look forward to sharing it on my upcoming fiction blog.
  3. The True-Life Confession of Ana Isabel Torres...This is another novel I've been working on this summer. A smart, sexy, twenty-first century take on Nabokov's classic, Lolita. It's still in the works, but I'll be sharing excerpts on my new fiction blog soon!
  4. Launching a new fiction blog this summer, with excerpts from Stealing Plums, The Raven Queen, The Hitch-Hiker, The True-Life Confession of Ana Isabel Torres, and other works. Stay tuned here for more news and updates on this exciting project!
  5. Taking this blog in a new direction with fabulous photos to inspire and delight you, brand-new artwork and art-in-progress photos, and musings on creativity, nature, and feeding the wild soul.
  6. Thrilling news! I will be transitioning to a four-day work-week, and reserving Mondays solely for writing, creative work, and business-building activities like professional meetings and writing dates. Yay! My goal is to transition into a full-time writer, artist, and creativity consultant. I'll be sharing my successes, challenges, stumbling blocks and lessons along the way, as I chase my dreams and dance with the Muses.

Lushly Creatively Yours,


Wednesday, July 29, 2009

New Interview with Jeff Scarterfield now online!

Hello readers! My new interview for the Creativity Portal Exclusive Series, "Creating a Fun, Fabulous Career in the Arts" is now online at...
Jeff is a cartoonist and art instructor who likes to rock out to Led Zeppelin in the studio. He's also a martial arts devotee who had some interesting words to relate about the similarities between martial arts and visual arts, especially drawing. Check out our fun, fabulous interview today!


Saturday, July 25, 2009

New Articles- Elements as Muses

Hello Readers! Just wanted to let you know I've published a new article online at Creativity Portal. This article is part of a series, "Multicultural Muses" which features inspiration from around the world. Lately, I've been exploring the elements as muses- earth, air, water, and fire- and wanted to share a link to my newest article, "Creative Bedrock: Standing on Solid Ground," which focuses on the element of earth. Here's the link...

To check out my other offerings online at Creativity Portal, please click the llink below for a guide to all my publications on their site...

Keep your feet on solid ground. Dig your roots in. Only from a solid foundation can we reach for the sky...

Saturday, May 23, 2009

Gypsy Journal

On the previous "Creative License" post, I shared a few photos of the travel-sized Gypsy Journal I created for Beth Warren, the winner of the "My Own True Genius" writing contest. Congratulations, Beth!

In this post, I'd like to talk a little about the journal itself...This beautiful hand-made journal is a one of a kind work of art; and it's the perfect size to fit in Beth's purse or the back pocket of her favorite pair of jeans. No two are alike- they're like snowflakes! -every single one of my creative journals is unique. I hand-collage the cover, and use creative lettering techniques and fun prompts inside to get your creative juices flowing.

For more information about my hand-made creative journals please email stealingplums@yahoo.com or call me to place an order: (970) 759-9993.

Monday, February 16, 2009

Creative License

Hello all. Today I am pleased to announce that I am helping to promote author Jennie Nash's new release from Berkley Books, The Only True Genius in the Family.
You can find more information online at :

Print your own Creative License here and set your Inner Artist free:


We created a special Creative License readers can download and print to promote creativity on a grand scale. There's also a live phone conference planned for February 24th- I'll be dishing the dirt with author Jennie Nash about writing, and we'll both field questions from callers about creativity, the true nature of genius, and the writing life.

To help boost her fabulous new book, Nash teamed up with me and the folks at Creativity Portal to create the "My Own True Genius" Writing Contest. The lucky grand prize winner will receive a "Book Club in a Box" and other fabulous prizes, including five signed copies of Jennie Nash's new book, The Only True Genius in the Family; a personalized letter from the author herself; hand-selected chocolate treats; a $25 gift card from Michael's; and a unique, handmade creative journal designed by yours truly. Two more lucky winners will receive signed copies of The Only True Genius in the Family, and all winning entries will be published online to further inspire our readers.

Sound exciting? Check the Creativity Portal website for more details today!