Friday, July 30, 2010

New to Guest Starring...An Interview with Photographer Michael A Shapiro

My newest project for Stealing Plums is an Interview with Michael A Shapiro, photographer extraordinaire.  Check out his work online at Michael A Shapiro.  There, you'll find his blog, a gallery of amazing photos to inspire your pen, and updates on current projects. 

I've posted several of his photos to accompany the interview on my Guest Starring page, but here's a sneak preview of one of my favorites...

Paris, 2003
At La Palette

Photograph by Michael A Shapiro

August is the Cruelest Month...

My newest blog post for Edible San Juan Mountains, August is the Cruelest Month, just went live this week!  It's a preview of some fabulous foodie events coming our way in August- The Mesa Verde Country Food, Wine, and Art Festival in Cortez, and the Mushroom and Wine Festival in Durango.  Bon appetit!

First Fruits: Baby Onion from Our Garden
Photograph by Molly Anderson-Childers

Thursday, July 29, 2010

"Story of a Selkie Wife" Published on Addictive Fiction!

Author Jessica Goody was so inspired by one of my Creativity Portal Story-Starters that she penned "Story of a Selkie Wife."  When she emailed the tale to me, I knew it was perfect for my Guest Starring page on my Addictive Fiction blog. 

It's an enchanting summer read- perfect for a rainy afternoon!  For more of Jessica's musings, please visit her blog, Much Magic.

Tuesday, July 27, 2010

New Work by Hank Kellner!

Hank Kellner has just submitted the first article in a ten-part series about using photos to inspire writing.  This noted author and photographer is a wonderful addition to my Guest Starring page.  For a daily dose of inspiration, please visit Hank's blog, English Education

Looking for some fabulous photos to inspire your summer scribblings?  You'll find 99 images to write about in Hank Kellner's book, Write What You See.  This book was published by Cottonwood Press, and is available for purchase at Amazon.

Monday, July 26, 2010

How to Be Your Own Best Muse...

What's blooming at Creativity Portal?  A fabulous interview with author Jennie Nash, and a brand new article in my Multicultural Muses series!  Join me this month for an inspiring summer read designed to help your creative juices bubble up.  Feel like The Muses have gone to Bali and left you behind?  Check out my new article, How to Be Your Own Best Muse: 101 Ways to Delight and Inspire Yourself.

For other titles in this series, check out my Multicultural Muses page on Creativity Portal today.  Or see my Author page, to view all of my lush, juicy offerings on the Creativity Portal website.   If you'd like to be interviewed for my exclusive Creativity Portal series, "Creating a Fun, Fabulous Career in the Arts," you can get in touch via email at

Friday, July 23, 2010

New Article Posted on English Education!

Fabulous news... I've just published an inspirational new article, Irises Blooming in the Garden of Dreams!  This piece is featured on Hank Kellner's blog, English Education, and is geared towards educators who are looking for new ways to inspire students to write using photographic prompts.  I've crafted an article to help teachers get students excited about writing using one of my favorite tools, the writer's notebook.  It also includes one of my photos, shown here, to get your pen moving...

Interested in seeing my words or photos on your site?  Please send an email to for details.

Wednesday, July 21, 2010

Thinking About Starting A Writers' Group? Seven Questions to Ask Yourself First...

I'm a big fan of Chuck Sambuchino's blog, Guide to Literary Agents.  I find it to be full of useful information, invaluable industry contacts and fabulous resources for writers.

Another reason I'm a fan?  I've been asked to create a short series of articles as a guest blogger!  This sizzling summer series will deal with different aspects of facilitating a writers' group.  The first article in this series,  Seven Questions to Ask Yourself Before Starting a Writers' Group, is an informative read based on my experiences with Wild Women Writing, a group I founded in Durango several years ago. 

It's a practical guide to getting started, with some food-for-thought questions to help focus your intent.  Always wanted to create a dynamic writers' group in your community?  This article is a must-read.  Stay tuned!  I'll be updating you here when new articles go live.

Friday, July 16, 2010

Plunge Into Poetry Part II Goes Live!

Penny MacPherson, poet and educator, has contributed a second lesson to her mini-workshop, "Plunge Into Poetry."  You can find it here, on my Addictive Fiction blog.  Thanks for a fabulous contribution, Penny!

Tuesday, July 6, 2010

Fabulous July Interviews Posted on Creativity Portal!

July is a marvelous month for creativity to blossom and bloom.  This month, check out my newest interviews at Creativity Portal for a dose of juicy inspiration.  Writer and photographer Cynthia Staples gives readers an in-depth look into her creative journey in the latest addition to my exclusive interview series, "Creating a Fun, Fabulous Career in the Arts."   My Interview with Cynthia Staples is the perfect summer read!  Cynthia has generously agreed to share some of her wonderful photographs with us here.  For more inspiration, please visit her blog, Words and Images by Cynthia

Boy and Bird
Photograph by Cynthia Staples

Photograph by Cynthia Staples

Dogwood Blooms
Photograph by Cynthia Staples

Make a Wish...
Photograph by Cynthia Staples

This month, I also interviewed Marge, the Muse of Okay-Now-Let's-Get-Started, for my exclusive Creativity Portal series, "Multicultural Muses."  For the past ten months, this series has focused on interviews with Jill Badonsky's Nine Modern-Day Muses (and a Bodyguard).  It's been an inspiring journey, and I've learned much from my time with them.  Check out my Interview with Marge for a little no-nonsense advice on taking your creative work to the next level.  To find out more about the Modern-Day Muses and Jill's work as a creative coach, please visit her website, The Muse Is In.  Silliness, a-muse-ments, and creative juiciness abound!

Monday, July 5, 2010

A Study in Contrasts

I'm thrilled to announce that my writing and photograhy are being featured on Hank Kellner's blog, English Education.  I recently contributed a photo and essay, A Study in Contrasts, to delight and inspire readers.  Enjoy!

Would you like to see my photos, artwork, and writing on your website?  Too busy to blog?  Need a creative kick in the pants?  I'd love to help- let's connect!  Send me an email to for more information.  I am currently expanding my freelance writing services to include professional blogging; copywriting and editing; ghost-writing; and creativity consultations.  I've taken the leap to live my creative dreams, and I'm loving it!  Want to learn how to do the same?  Get in touch- I can help you along your creative path.

Iris on Fourth Street
Photograph by Molly Anderson-Childers

Saturday, July 3, 2010

Plunge Into Poetry Workshop Posted on Addictive Fiction!

Poets and educators alike will delight in my newest offering at Addictive Fiction.  Penny MacPherson, whom I recently interviewed for my Creativity Portal exclusive series, "Creating a Fun, Fabulous Career in the Arts," will be featured on my new Guest Starring... page. 

"Plunge Into Poetry," MacPherson's online mini-workshop, is an inspirational offering- hopefully the first of many.  To connect with Penny or learn more about her work, please visit Poetry Patch 416.

Wild Rose
Photograph by Molly Anderson-Childers