Inspiration is Blooming Everywhere!  This lovely muse is one I visit regularly on walks around our neighborhood.  She sends you the strength to tell the truth, and to find beauty in unexpected places.

This Page Offers Inspirational Photos, Prompts, and More!  Tools to inspire you, get you going, and help you along the way.

What's Blooming in Your Creative Garden?

Some of my current projects include researching more freelance writing opportunities, finding great subjects for photos for my blogs, and working with Creativity Portal to bring you fresh juicy articles and columns on all things creative. 

Next month, I'll be interviewing Jill Badonsky's Modern-Day Muse, Lull.  I'm also offering up a meditation on the state of my own creative soul, "The Empty Well," which is chock full of tips for staying juicy and keeping the creative ideas flowing. 

I have also been guest-blogging for Alane Brown's website, The Pagan Arts, offering up posts related to sacred creative soul-work.  Check out my newest post, "The Blue Rose" for a meditation on the rarest bloom in my Garden of Dreams.

Let your Inner Muse dance barefoot in the grass, and tango with the stars...