Creativity Consultations, Workshops, and Tutorials

I'm spreading my wings to soar over the day-job doldrums.  Fly with me!  As your creativity consultant, I will assist you every step of the way as you journey towards an authentic life filled with inspiration, joy, and creative soul-work. 

Trouble with a tenacious Inner Critic?  Problems with procrastination?  Just not feeling inspired?  I can help!  With my step-by-step guidance, creative problem-solving, and transfusions of inspiration and motivation, you'll soon be back on the path to your most creative self. 

Writing and art tutorials and workshops are also available.  I can teach to any topic related to writing and the arts.  I also make creative journals, and inspirational tools like my Dreaming Muse Cards.  I'd love to inspire you in person- let's connect!  To schedule a consultation, workshop, or tutorial, please send me an email at

Gypsy Journal
Created by Molly Anderson-Childers