Monday, February 16, 2009

Creative License

Hello all. Today I am pleased to announce that I am helping to promote author Jennie Nash's new release from Berkley Books, The Only True Genius in the Family.
You can find more information online at :

Print your own Creative License here and set your Inner Artist free:

We created a special Creative License readers can download and print to promote creativity on a grand scale. There's also a live phone conference planned for February 24th- I'll be dishing the dirt with author Jennie Nash about writing, and we'll both field questions from callers about creativity, the true nature of genius, and the writing life.

To help boost her fabulous new book, Nash teamed up with me and the folks at Creativity Portal to create the "My Own True Genius" Writing Contest. The lucky grand prize winner will receive a "Book Club in a Box" and other fabulous prizes, including five signed copies of Jennie Nash's new book, The Only True Genius in the Family; a personalized letter from the author herself; hand-selected chocolate treats; a $25 gift card from Michael's; and a unique, handmade creative journal designed by yours truly. Two more lucky winners will receive signed copies of The Only True Genius in the Family, and all winning entries will be published online to further inspire our readers.

Sound exciting? Check the Creativity Portal website for more details today!


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