Wednesday, August 19, 2009

Controlled Chaos...

We are moving at the end of this month. Things may be a bit hectic (or maybe just completely insane) for the next couple of weeks. We found a beautiful little house in Durango- my days as a commuter will soon be in the past! I'm soon to be close enough to downtown to walk to my job, the library, by favorite bookstore, and the best coffeeshop in town...what more could I ask?
If I'm not posting much for the next couple of weeks, you will know why. Say a prayer to the goddess of chaos for me during this transition!

On the Move!



Ri said...

Well I wish you luck! With all the insanity that comes with moving. And plus you’ll save gas! So you are getting the place in town? Yay! Maybe we could hang out after work when I get back to the states. I better be getting off, since my cousins will kill me I’m not ready here soon!

April A.K.A. Elsha said...

I want a house soooo bad! I've moved three times now and that part I hate, loathe, actually. But I want to do it one more time, to someplace of my own!