Wednesday, June 9, 2010

Creative Blossoming...

Summertime is always a season of inspiration and lush passionate energy, and creative projects growing wild under the sun.  The weather here has been gorgeous, sunny days and bluebird skies, with flowers coming up everywhere!  We have poppies and columbines in our yard, and a rose bush that's just starting to leaf out.  

It's hard to motivate myself to do anything serious or deadline-related, so I'm spending a lot of my down time chatting with my girlfriends, making sun-tea, walking the dog, taking pictures of spring blooms in our neighborhood, reading trashy novels, and sipping rum drinks!

I've been working on a few new short stories and novels, and have even ventured into the in-between zone of the novella.  Some of them are keepers; others might have to be weeded out but I'll write them anyway and see if they end better than they began, or if I can salvage something good from the wreckage of stiff characters and bad plotlines.  If not, into the compost heap it goes, to make rich soil for other projects in the future. 

How do I know if my latest effort will be a good story or a bad story, when I begin?  I don't.  No one can know- the only way to find out is to write it!  Write them all down, good and bad.  Stories are stories; they must be told.  We are merely the conduit from the heart to a listening ear.

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