Wednesday, March 10, 2010

Think Spring...

Signs that spring is near...

Green grass emerging from under the snow in my yard

Mud all over my boots when I walk the dog

New ideas blossoming and blooming

Rain instead of snow

I am currently working on a new novel, "The Road to Abomey," and doing some new work for "Stealing Plums" and "The Raven Queen." As the birds return from their southerly migration, it seems that some old stories have come home to roost, as well. "Stealing Plums" is a project I have been working on for years. In the past few weeks, I have added over 100 new pages to this book, and am very proud of myself. My goal this year is to find an agent for this novel and get it on the shelves! To that end, I'm trying to put in an hour of editing/writing on this novel every day. It feels good to be looking at the end of a long, cold winter and moving into spring.

What's blooming in YOUR creative garden?

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